Make a living doing what you love.

The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC 

Live Artfully, make a living doing what you love!
Do you know what it means to Live Artfully?
Let us show you how! 

We are a full service Consulting Firm specializing
in helping Christian creatives and entrepreneurs
make a living doing what they love.

Coming Soon
We are currently working to help our Members get to the next level in business by building a space where they have access to a safe place and tangible resources to help make their dreams a reality.
We plan to offer these services all from one convenient source.
  • High Speed Internet Lounge 
  • Meeting Rooms and Event Space 
  • Quality Video, Portrait, & Sound studios 
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Food Truck
  • Share ideas and collaborate
  • Workshops, seminars, and special social & networking events
  • Tier based memberships to suit your professional & financial needs
  • Pay As You Go pricing also available 
  • Get a free membership consultation to find out what best suits you.

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