Make a living doing what you love.

The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC 

How exciting! You've decided to end the year with purpose.

"10 Days to Your Breakthrough" is a Kingdom-minded guide to a successful life;

based on the Ten Commandments.

This e-Course is designed with many needs in mind. 

From the person who needs a breakthrough to start living their purpose, the person who has stalled, 

or the person who is activated but looking for a new way to think about things to move to the next level.

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The full e-Course launches Tuesday, September 18, 2018. 

A two hour, online master class will be held the 
first Tuesday of every month from Oct. - Dec. 2018
beginning Tues Oct. 2nd for those who sign up for Level 2 Coaching.  

One-On-One coaching will also be offered for up to five students.

All those who enroll in the full course will be added to the Foundation's secret Facebook group.

You'll get more details once you have completed the mini-course.

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The Christian creative and entrepreneur have a unique set of nuances to navigate in order to elevate to Kingdom status. This is often impeded by two mindsets; the "prosperity gospel" or the "poverty is piety" principle. With "10 Days to Your Breakthrough" you will be guided through the fundamentals to set yourself on course to your greatness, 

or get you to the next level, to make a living doing what you love. 

Your greatness is on the other side of your breakthrough. 

 Let's end the year with purpose!