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The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC 

7Seventy Media - Sound and Video Studios

7Seventy Media currently offers baritone voice over services by Shad Jackson. Find him on Fiverr @ ShadzVoice. You may also email him at

In the future: We will offer sound and video studios; along with editing, mixing, and mastering software and equipment. Artists will have the ability to create quality video and audio projects such as content marketing videos, commercials, voice-over, audio books and more. 

Our Tier based membership system provides the best value in Huntsville with the highest quality service and equipment. Become a member today!

With a sound booth, podcast style recording space, video set, and portrait studio, 7Seventy Media is  here to give you a place to create all your media in one place! At the Foundation, we aim to take the hassle out of having to go to multiple places to create the quality content you need. Stay tuned for special Media Only Tier memberships!

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