Make a living doing what you love.

The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC 

Business Principles

The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC is founded upon traditional Protestant, Judeo-Christian values. We seek to connect with and support like-minded Artists and Entrepreneurs so that they may not be “starved out” of the Creative Entrepreneur market because of their faith.

The Foundation seeks to create a fun, peaceful, joyful place full of loving support, where our fellow Christian creatives and entrepreneurs will always feel welcomed, relaxed and at home; to provide a respite from the cares of life that stifle creativity and block the flow of ideas from the Holy Spirit.

As a result, The Foundation reserves the right to refuse services to anyone, with all due respect and without malice, whose values do not align with our own. Our mission does not call for discrimination, just equal protection set forth under the Constitutional right of religious liberty.

We are happy to serve those who are willing to respect our right to put Christ and the Scriptures first and we gladly invite those who are unwilling to respect that right to seek the abundance of services available outside of The Foundation. One does not have to be Christian to utilize our space, we only ask that he/she is respectful of the culture and atmosphere we have created and the spirit of our principles.

The Foundation does not support the creation or distribution of any content that uses, suggests, promotes, or displays profanity, nudity, violence of any kind, sexual or perverted material, illegal activity, alcohol or drug related content, unhealthy lifestyle choices, rudeness, lewdness, or any form of activity or thought expression that do not align with our values. All these are open to interpretation by the owner and properly trained and appointed staff of The Foundation.

We are not a non-profit, 501c3 entity. The Foundation seeks to engage in the economic development of our local community through free enterprise. We consider it a privilege to pay taxes. As philanthropy is also important to us, we intend to offer scholarships and sponsorships in whatever ways God leads.

Confidentiality agreements: All staff, clients, vendors, and members of The Foundation and its subsidiaries will be required to sign confidentiality agreements stating that they will not share, use, record, assimilate, reproduce, or in any wise broadcast any materials or works of art, expressions, ideas, etc. from persons, staff or not, at The Foundation without express written permission from the content creator(s).

God bless you on your Artful Living Journey!