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The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC 

Our Services

Our consulting services are the best in the business for Christian creatives and entrepreneurs. Schedule your free consultation to find out which consultation membership or program is right for you.

At The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC  we plan to provide a relaxing, enjoyable place to create, along with consulting and other professional services, Internet lounge, food, event space, meeting rooms, and A/V studios all in one location!  These multiple on-site services will assist our Artists and Entrepreneurs in creativity, business support, and creating quality content. We also offer workshops, seminars, and networking for continuing education and collaboration. We will do this with our three sister entities combined to create exceptional experiences for our clients. Please keep this project in prayer. We are eager to open our doors to you!

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Contact Us to find out more about early-bird specials and Group and Lifetime membership rates.

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