Make a living doing what you love.

The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC 

The Dream Chaser!

What You Want: To Become Great at Being Great!

You dream of a lifestyle where you have it all. Your work, your ideas, your dreams are on point but you just can’t seem to get them off the ground. You know that if you could just figure it all out you could be great at being great; building the life of your dreams.

Your Challenges: You don’t really have a clear vision of how to get where you want to be. You may even lack the discipline needed and you’re overwhelmed. You don’t have trouble making money, it’s growing your money that’s the problem. You may also be struggling with self-sabotage and you lack confidence because you may not have friends who understand you.

What You Need: You need a clear cut path to map out your vision via our one-on-one consultations. You need motivation and education to get a firm foundation to help you plant and grow your wealth. We can help you with that through our workshops geared toward establishing and growing your business, financial literacy, and more. You’ll also become a part of a culture that encourages momentum and provides a shift in mindset to create the discipline you need to match your ambition.

We recommend: Tier Five - The Diamond Membership 
Diamonds are known for their clarity. With this membership, that's exactly what you'll gain. You get access to the atmosphere at price right for your budget until you can see your way clear to move up in Tier. Until then, you still have access to the "Pay As You Go" services whenever you are inspired to do something great!

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