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The Foundation for Artful Living, LLC 

The Dream Maker!

What You Want: To Just Show Up and Be Great!

It’s true; you’ve been there, done that. You’ve done all the networking, built the clientele, established a solid platform, and know exactly how to grow your business, the direction you’re going and the heights you want to reach. Your business is now working for you just as hard as you’re working for it. You want a place to just show up and be great.

Your Challenges: You have so many meetings and events you just don’t have the time, energy, or space to meet the demand. You have a certain level of clientele who expect a certain level of greatness from you and you struggle to find spaces to meet those expectations. Because you have so much live content to offer, you need this space to be affordable and your go-to spot. You have figured out the extreme importance of marketing and branding, yet you may also struggle to find places to do photo-shoots, commercials, or create other graphic or A/V marketing content.

What You Need: With all you have going on, you need the hassle taken out of event set-up, catering, clean-up and just simply finding a place to host. Plus, you have so many regular meetings that you can’t possibly deal with giving time and energy to the where and what of it all. The amount of people you serve may also be larger than what your home or business office can hold. Yet, you want a meeting space that reflects your caliber of excellence. You need a place suited for a boss. Besides that, you may need a place to implement your stunning branding and marketing concepts. You can do this via our 7Seventy Media department. Simply put, you need The Foundation’s meeting, event, and media spaces to help you shine like the boss you are.

We recommend: Tier Two - The Emerald Membership

This one year membership is right in the zone of where you are. Sapphires, being blue, represent the place of calmness and serenity you have gained, while at the same time, they are a symbol of status and achievement. Being the stone God preferred in the building of His throne, the Sapphire Membership gives you unique access to the next level in Kingdom mindset. This three year Emerald Membership is the smartest one for you because it provides the greatest value and savings over the long haul, while giving you that place to shine. It also provides the level of consistency you wish to portray to your clients by giving them a place where they know you are going to be and where they know they are going to be treated with the highest quality customer care. All you have to do is just show up and be great!

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